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Collection Remade.
Click the author names below the images to download!

Red text means a character is offline.

Yellow text means it's a W.I.P.

Brown text means it's for Collection Purposes Only.



Ami Onuki

 Kenshin Himura / IgnitionGrimmy / Oceanboy06 (Me) || Camren Springer (Bundled with Yumi) || Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Ami) || Purple & Blue Production (Ninja Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Pajama Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Cowgal Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Grass Skirt Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Primitive Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Super Heroine Ami) || IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled) || IgnitionGrimmy (Pilot Ami)



Yumi Yoshimura

Kenshin Himura / BBH / IgnitionGrimmy / Oceanboy06 (Me) || Camren Springer (Bundled with Ami) || Enzo Du Kirby || Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Yumi 1) || Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Yumi 2) || Kenshin Himura (Ninja Yumi) || IgnitionGrimmy (Pajama Yumi) || Purple & Blue Production (Cowgal Yumi) || IgnitionGrimmy (Grass Skirt Yumi) || IgnitionGrimmy (Primitive Yumi) || IgnitionGrimmy (Super Heroine Yumi) || IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled) || IgnitionGrimmy (Pilot Yumi)



Julie Hinikawa

 Kenshin Himura / IgnitionGrimmy || IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled)


J6K52RW.gif gECjFwJ.gif G3m4OoQ.gif TodFcMc.gif U4ouuOj.gif hVdu2ms.giffzpb7wy.gif

Other Characters

 Atchan: IgnitionGrimmy || Edwin Blair: IgnitionGrimmy || HarmonyPurple & Blue Production || Janice: IgnitionGrimmy || Kaz HaradaPurple & Blue Production || King ChadLDJakeLuq80 || Slick Shady: LDJakeLuq80


ciKFYd6.gif  iu0C251.gif 3wKESmy.gif  KyupkVR.gif  QH9Ff0G.gif  7fKE564.gif  dqplB8b.gifgjeyhvV.gif  ar68mv6.gif  T3dW8Zq.gif

Original / Non-Canon Characters

Ahhna Lucille: IgnitionGrimmy || Ami.EXEPurple & Blue Production || CatiIgnitionGrimmy || Cherry Sanban (Evil): IgnitionGrimmy || Cherry Sanban (Good): IgnitionGrimmy || Dark AmiPurple & Blue Production || Yumi.EXEPurple & Blue Production IgnitionGrimmy || Dark YumiPurple & Blue Production || Steven Dye Jr.: IgnitionGrimmy



Joke Characters

CCB YumiPurple & Blue Production || Must... get... BUNNY HUGGLESLDJakeLuq80 || Not Pictured: Ami and Yumi Burn YouEnzo Du Kirby





Ami.EXE Run LevelIgnitionGrimmy



StagesKenshin Himura / IgnitionGrimmy / Concert Hall by Camren Springer / Gas Up The Tour Bus by Enzo Du Kirby

LifebarsHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped Lifebars by IgnitionGrimmy / My Edit

ScreenpacksHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Screenpack by Oceanboy06 (Me)

Full Games/CompilationsHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi MUGEN Pack by Oceanboy06 (Me)

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1 minute ago, Laharl said:

hey there thanks for this thats one more down that has to be fixed. In the future could you please host the images yourself though.

I Could host them through an FTP Server I Think.
and I have a Question about Image Hosting through an FTP Server: Is that Supported?

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  • 7 months later...

Collection Updated
 -Replaced the Links of Camren Springer's Ami and Yumi with their Remade Versions
 -Removed Camren Springer's Version of Julie

 -Added Concert Hall by Camren Springer (Stage)
 -Removed Duplicate Images
 -Other Minor Modifacations

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