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Atsuko Kagari released

Sir Ghostler

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Yeah, it took me long enough to finish Akko, lol, but I'm glad she's released so people can enjoy her.


Akko has been updated... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgiPXTIYC2lboEzQzqcGFveKbV8e
- Corrected some compatibility animations.
- Added a few more compatibility animations.
- Fixed a few remaining sprite errors.
- Corrected a physics issue with the grounded burn state that would cause the opponent to slide unnaturally.
- The super portrait now has its own dedicated sprite.
- Extended the freeze for Ex specials by a few frames.

- Tweaked and updated the readme.
- And the first value for pal.defaults has been set to 1 because I forgot to do that, lol.

Please redownload her.

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