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Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem 3.1 released

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Mega man Robot Master Mayhem 3.1 Release


The Mega man Robot Master Mayhem Team and Infinity are Proud to Present Mega man: Robot Master Mayhem 3.1.  (Fan Game)
The project has been in development since 2009.
Unlike the normal Mega Man games, this is a fighting game in Versus Style, Highly Influenced by games like Marvel vs. Capcom.


=======| The version includes |=======
• 3 new playable characters: Dark Man (Mega Man V), Magma Man (Mega Man 9) and Chill Penguin (Mega Man X)
• 30 playable characters, including names like Mega Man, Proto Man, Snake Man, Metal Man, Enker, Quint and others.
• Several classic bosses of the series, such as Yellow Devil, Hyper Storm H, Metonger Z and others.
• 53 Unique stages for each character, with its characteristic soundtrack
• History, with introduction (animated and with voice over) and ending, for each character.
• 1v1 Battles
• 2v2 Simultaneous Battles
• Team Up with a friend in Coop Mode
• See how many opponents you can beat in Survival Mode.

Take control of your favorite Mega man characters to stop the Evil Dr. Wily and Quint from conquering the Earth.




The Story of Robot Master Mayhem:
[spoiler]While working on his newest creation, Dr. Wily couldn’t shake his frustrations with his most recent defeat. He poured many hours into Project Z, his ultimate creation. As a result, a byproduct was created. “Power sets”; the ability to enhance any robot master power 6 fold and in some cases overdrive other devices and weaponry.     

The “Power sets” would assure Wily's victory but defeating Mega Man isn’t simply enough; obliterating him is the goal.  “What irony would it be to have Dr. Lights heart be his undoing’’, thought Wily. With this notion, only one robot would be suited for the task.

SWN-000, now infused with a new Time Skimmer, had most of his original abilities restored. SWN-000 code-named Quint was the key. He was to travel through time and amass Wily an army of Robot Masters. Thus, Wily would not only have an army of Robot Masters enhanced with Power Sets, but he also possessed Quint, who could use all the enhanced Power Sets.
Unbeknownst to Wily, however, Quint had become self-aware. Quint, no longer under Wily's control, decided to pretend to follow his orders while carrying out his own agenda. He would not only traverse the past but the future as well, searching for technology to upgrade himself. Unfortunately, the “Time Skimmer” still had flaws, and it left distortions in time.  

What could all this mean? Could Dr. Wily finally defeat Dr. Light and Mega Man, what is Quint planning, and what could the distortions in the timeline mean for everyone? The Mayhem ensues!
Welcome to Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem. 












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