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Mugen Error: Only 128 unique commands labels allowed.

Riku Minato


I have problem about this character I remove all Sysvar(4) of 280gou's Son Gokou
then I patched Uno Tag Team Patcher v2.1 by UnoShe when I testing it appears the error:

"Error message: Player has too many commands. Only 128 unique commands labels allowed.
Error in GokuVynStyleP_unotag\GokuVynStyle.cmd
Error loading chars/GokuVynStyleP\GokuVynStyleP_unotag.def
Error loading p1"

I try many times but it's No Luck.
Is any solution to fix this error?!

please help.

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The error explains the issue exactly; there are too many commands. I imagine the patcher added additional commands for tagging and such, which pushed it over the 128 command limit. The fact that the character is anywhere near that without the patcher raises concern. One thing you can try is seeing if any of the commands the patcher added are identical to existing commands within the character and to use them instead, though that would require a little bit of recoding so that both the character and the tag system read the same command.

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