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Uncle Joel's SFF File Doesn't Work...



So I decided to install Uncle Joel for MUGEN 1.1, and then when I used windows explorer to extract his folder, it said along the lines of "couldn't download uncle jogel.sff"
I decided to use another extractor to install it, but MUGEN 1.1 couldn't load in the .sff file...
Started to use GarfieldfanMUGEN's edit, but even using THE ORIGINAL file didn't work!
I'll link the mentioned editor's comment to this question, brergrsart's download link, and the image showing this .sff file error cuz IDK how to fix it.


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Again, I have no idea what's going on, nor (since I lost the files) do I feel like continuing this edit, I just recommend the original at this point. What extractor are you using, if you feel something's going wrong? And I think something may be wrong with your MUGEN setup if it doesn't load it.

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So I SORTA found a fix
So I took Joel's char file in the game's char folder
I put it in my personal MUGEN 1.1 char folder
and it worked!
sorta, as in
MUGEN just closes in seconds when he's in a match!
I got myself a fresh new MUGEN 1.1 folder, and a new version of Joel, but IDK what's causing the error...

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