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【 JtheSaltyy's WIP Thread 】: Khan


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Shingo's supers are almost complete, with his level 3 being the only one left.

His AI is also complete, and so far I think he's turning out well.

Hopefully this last stretch of progress will go as smooth as I hope, since this is going to be the first CvS Shingo with the new sprites. I found a manageable work pace adjusted for my health, so hopefully character creation for the next few months will be smooth as it was back in June-November. Have a good day.

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im going to add a major update to my characters, that being grooves, much like cvs2, but with a different sort of spin on them.
just like cvs2, there will be 6 grooves plus the 7th EX groove.
I will go more into detail of what each groove does in a readme file when all my characters are updated but I'll just give a quick explanation of them here:

S-Groove (Standard Groove) - the beginner groove. acts like CvS2 C-Groove with a tiered meter, but the level 2 super cancel is replaced with parries, which does sound like a lopsided tradeoff but there are ways to balance it out.
A-Groove (Advanced Groove) - the strongest groove of the 6. it is just like CvS2 A-Groove however you have access to level 2 supers and parries, making this by far the strongest groove, as the Custom Combo/Parry combination is very dangerous.
E-Groove (Extra Groove) - A combination of CvS2's S and N groove. MAX mode is the main feature of this groove, but has S-groove's power charge, which can be good for characters who not only reaped N-Groove benefits, but also would be solid in S-Groove.
C-Groove (Combo Groove) - A custom groove that allows for KOF 02/XIII type combos with more advanced cancelling and other combo opportunities, which can either make or break a character depending on their combo reliance.
J-Groove (JoJo Groove) - A groove based on Heritage for the Future. The main aspect of this groove is the guard push, allowing match pacing to be controlled in a more strategic way.
K-Groove (Kyanta 2 Groove) - A groove based on Ultra Fight da Kyanta 2. The main features of this groove are the Flash Bonus and Kyanta Cancel, with Flash Bonus being a way to gain meter and Kyanta Cancel being a way to extend combos.
EX-Groove (God Mode) - A groove that combines elements from all the other grooves. This groove closely resembles how my characters played preceding this major update.

This feature is experimental, so idk if I should keep it or not, but so far I think it’s going well thus far.

If this feature is a go, there will also be an included config file that allows you to either have groove select or default to one groove and only that groove, and also an option for if you want to change grooves every match or to keep that groove for the rest of the game.

I wanted to add more uniqueness to my characters and adding a full groove system is what I thought was necessary to do so. It'll take a lot of balancing to make things even, and some characters will either get marginally buffed or nerfed with these changes (barring EX-Groove), but I believe I can make this work, although there's a chance that it might not work.
When I release Shingo, I also will have released a major all-character update, and I'm not just adding grooves to them, but also some other various updates.

I hope you like this new idea, and have a good day.

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Specials are finished, including his unique counter move.

I'll see what I can do with his supers to add more variety to his move-set, since variety is what is kind of lacking in the special department.
His combo game is kinda enhanced from EX specials, but it's still rather limited in terms of options, like in source.

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