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Ribbon by Mayyyro

Sergio P

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  • 6 months later...

l felt like reviving this dead ass thread for a little since Mayyyro recently updated Ribbon so here we are.

- Added new effects for guard sparks and landing.
- Properly aligned head and mid pos
- Fixed alignment of hitsparks
- Fixed the alignment of some sprites
- Fixed a crash when Ribbon got up from a liedown
- Added an Air Throw
- Expanded the list of characters for her 10th victory quote
- Correctly labeled some states as 'idle'
- Crystal Rain fixes (debug overflow and position influence).
- Now has a victory quote against Luigi (she already did, but it went unused due to an oversight).
- Life reverted to 850
- Ribbon Rush now uses a hitdef instead a changestate to detect opponents in front of her
- Ribbon Rush's last hit now extends farther back, should remove or at least reduce moments where it whiffs
- Super Fairy Ram can no longer hit the wall on start up (bug fix)
- A few CLSN improvments
- Added a new portrait (credits to TheAdorableOshawott)
- Added config - can be used to change controls and damage output.
- AI improvements

Download link replaced with the new version

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Ribbon has gotten a quick update with a few quick tweaks:
- AI tweaks
- Crounching Strong now moves her forward a bit (combos better)
- Crystal Blast knocks back farther (EX version now knocks down aerial opponents)

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