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Rocky Balboa edit by borderoflife update


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Authors: Original char by xdxdav & edit by borderoflife(me)

-Fixed AI
--Actually uses all special moves & new movements.
--Is really agressive but vulnerable to low attacks & projectiles.

-Tweaked some sounds.

-Fixed air file problems.
--Fixed the repeated clns2 & clns2 default thingy that crashes mugen.
--Tweaked some moves clsn

-Redrawn a couple of frames
--I'm not a pixel artist so rocky still looks a little silly.
-New Special/Normal Moves:
--Booby Trap(Counter Taunt):F,B,start
--Guard:a,b,c (like a mortal kombat character & recover power)
-New Super Moves:
--NNN(Punch in the nut) LVL 1:D,D,D,x

--Free Nose Operation LVL 1:D,D,D,y

--Super Uppercut LVL 1:D,D,D,z

--Super Dash Attack:D,B,D,B,x=(lvl 1),y=(lvl 2) & z=(lvl 3)

--Gamma Crush(Hulk Mode Only,palno=3) LVL 1:D,D,UP
---Jumps and Crush The oponent with a Meteor.

--Hercules Stomp(Statue & SDMode,palno=[4,6]) LVL 1:D,D,UP
---Jumps and slams the floor with a devastating strength




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