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NZC Karin Release 1.0


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Weird o-O, and it only happens in EOF screenpack? Hmm, I think I know the problem. GO to cns and state 181 : win pose remove this [state 0, AssertSpecial] type = AssertSpecial trigger1 = 1 ;flag = intro ;flag2 = invisible flag3 = roundnotover ;ignorehitpause = ;persistent = ;----------------------- ;flag = nobardisplay ;flag = noBG ;flag = noFG ;flag = nostandguard ;flag = nocrouchguard ;flag = noairguard ;flag = noautoturn ;flag = nojugglecheck ;flag = nokosnd ;flag = nokoslow ;flag = noshadow ;flag = globalnoshadow ;flag = nomusic ;flag = nowalk flag = timerfreeze ;flag = unguardable Notice the flag3 = roundnotover? - remove it. I think that is what is conflicting with the screenpack that you are using atm.

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