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;----------------- HIBITO'S README ----------------;


Name: Hibito

Series: Draglade

Description: Hibito is a fire weilding character from the NDS title: Draglade. I had no sounds or anything to work with, but a limited amount of sprites. The voice is the voice of Wangtang

from Power Stone for the Dreamcast/Arcade. It seemed to fit best in my opinion.


Ryon for providing Hibito's voice (Wangtang)

Ultraboard101 for providing some alpha-version feedback that proved to be most useful.


;-------------------- COMMANDS --------------------;


Basic Movements:

Walk: Yes

Run: Yes (Dash)

Jump: Yes (Once)

Crouch: Yes

Combination Keys:

A and B are for Slash combos.

Unique Combos can be created by pressing these two in different orders

Combine A and B with the Crouching attacks of A and B:

Down+A is a Stab trip that can be followed up with a jump stab finisher.

Down+B acts as a launcher that can be comboed into and out of.

C is the multipurpose magic button:

Hold C to charge up your varius types of blasts.

Simply pressing C will fire a very small and weak fireball.

Holding for 1 iteration of charging and letting go will fire a medium fireball.

Holding for 2 iterations of charging and letting go will fire a larger, heavy fireball that knocks the enemy down.

Holding for 3 iterations or any longer than that will activate his super fireball projectile.

- The super requires no power to do, but will drain all that you have available. The even tradeoff and fairness is that you

- must charge the move up for a good 3-4 seconds before even getting that far.

Pressing C in the middle of a ground combo will activate a one bar super. You need one bar of power (1000) to do this.

The super involves fire bursting from the ground. The fire burns and leaves the enemy open to another combo.

Pressing C in the middle of an arial combo will activate his other one bar super. You need one bar of power (1000) to do this.

The super involves freezing time and slashing with a huge fire sword. The burning damage fluctuates. It really depends on where the enemy is in correlation to the your current position in the air.


;------------------- CONCLUSION -------------------;


Hibito was just one of those random things I saw and said "Hey, he reminds of Roy from SSBM. I'm gonna make him!" Yeeeeeah, that random. Anyways, here he is and enjoy. I try to get better and improve with each new character. I hope

I met that goal with Hibito. Thanks and Enjoy.

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