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Kirby the Dream Battle - beta 3

O Ilusionista

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Fou had released the new beta from the Kirby the Dream Battle game.

The game was converted to Mugen 1.0, so some parts are out of place.

-Old chars update

-New chars : Cappy, Ghost Knight, Mr Frosty, Megaman (guest char), Meta Knight and Galacta Knight !

-New stage : so much stage

-Mugen 1.0, update screenpack

-Only Waddle dee have a Story mode Intro

-BOSS : Popon from Kirby : Right back at ya

-AND ! .............................. No Kirby yet ...

Posted Image

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?6m6ya62i1uw6qnp

manual in French ...

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It looks great, but Megaman in a Kirby fighting game?

He is a guest char. There will be 2 or 3 more guest chars.

And he is not a simple Megaman, he have 31 weapons for now. My plan is to add all the 75+ classic weapons


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