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Mortal Kombat Project Ultimate Update - Version 2020 RELEASE!


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PREVIEW / Playthrough with Mileena


Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/folder/k38j6yyi3qpz5/MKP_Ultimate_Update_2020
MEGA https://mega.nz/folder/ftsGSCLS#aUUzEoc1rYlGoCsqVaGmcg


Here's the Version 2020 of my edited MK Project!


What's new (2020 Updates)
- New portraits for many of the characters (Thanks Nacho, Lows 9.0, Emir, MKA and DeathColdUA!)
- Added new version of Kai, based on the concept by Behzad and updated by me and SSMob
- Added Onaga as second option for hidden final boss!
- Added the new versions of the stuff by Cheban
- Added Kazuo (Ermac's edit by Kyra)
- Added the Shadow Priest aka Rook
- New versions/updates of 90% of the roster
- Now the game have the total of 800 STAGES!!
- Fixed some of the intros and changed some chars intro bios
- Major bugs and issues fixed
- Removing or hidden other edited and outdated characters
- Added new stages by Mujaki, magus8 and REDMONT
- Bug on Grandmaster Chamber fixed
- Shinnok (MKM) retired of the tower duo to some serious issues. Nacho is working on a new and proper version of him.

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