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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyVzeUIedc4 This is a fighting game that not many people know. SHIT. Its really really hard to even find information about this game. Its not even on Wikipedia. This is a fighting game made by THQ, and supposedly one of the worst fighting games in the history of the genre. But honestly spreaking this game is amazing to me. The music is awesome and upbeat, the characters are strangely interesting in a "street" kinda way. The actual fighting itself if memory serves right, Its just great. its fast its furious, its fluid. I used to be badass with this break dancer chick, i forget her name but she has this combo that you can do which is freaking awesome. I just bought it on Amazon.com, I cant wait to get it. This is probably one of the FEW PS1 games that do not have a torrent or a iso out already.
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I think the reason this game is so unheard of is because It has no sequels or prequels and it didn't reach out to many...Everything started from somewhere and the ones who came first have the easiest time getting many fans quick....Since it looks like Tekken which I agree to this alot of people thought it might have been a rip off or they liked Capcom better and didn't get it...This looks really fun though and I would like to try it out...Ryon....you are making me buy games....Alot of games....you are too convincing with your little reviews... :confuse:

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