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GM's SF3.3 Characters fixed for 1.1 ZOOM (Patch)


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GM's SF3.3 (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike) characters
are The BEST SF3.3 works (not one of but No.1)
Best quality and BEST Accuracy!
The issue in this video is NOT GM's fault, He did his best for Mugen 1.0
But there is no way he could fix this
with just 1.0 code.

so after fix all character will be 1.1 only

To honor the original author
I released this fix as patch, which means you need to go to GM's website to download his original 1.0 work
then use this patch to overwrite existing files.
character will become 1.1 only.

GM's website download page

download the "MUGEN1.0用" version
NOT winMugen!

Patch by Beterhans
Patch LINK in video description




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