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Broadway District


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This is stage is from MOTVN. Dissidia and teros are only colaborators. You coud make a pack with all MOTVN stages, its more easy than put them in diferent topics.

Ah, ya, i'll fix that. I remember Oskeino made a pack of MOTVN stages, but it only contains stages from mugenevolution page and the link was on megaupload, so it was gone. I only have few stages from this guy lol, maybe you can upload your 50 stages collection here Zekinha, it would be nice.

Ryoucchi...How do you find EVERY touhou character for mugen?

Luck maybe...hey until now i can't find Yamame for God's sake lol. I want to make a collection but there was "million" of them, and i'm lazy :troll:

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I only have one characters for each of original touhou characters, so the gameplay is mixed lol. And i collecting lot of these because my sister's request, she loves touhou characters. Only few that i actually use in battle, and the rest was...my sister.

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