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Characters - OpenGL vs DirectX

Guest W๏lƒ


Guest W๏lƒ

I wanted to ask about character creation.

So, DirectX seems to work a bit faster on my old laptop I carry with me.

I went to download a character with the description read "OpenGL only"

So of course for curiosity I downloaded it anyway and ran it in DirectX.


When I did this certain animation effects didnt show, and some had a big black box almost as if the image transparency wasn't set .

So my question is, what exactly makes a character OpenGL ONLY?

and is there a way to convert something like this to be able to work on DirectX.

I mean if its really needed I certainly can run OpenGL on my mugen 1.1

but I'd really rather not for the sake of a single character.


Appreciate any input.

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Direct X = Direct X 5 = 1998 Technology = Diablo 1 = Only support 256 color (8bit)

OpenGL = Recent technology = support (32 bit full color) = support PNG picture


a OpenGL only character / stage= used full color sprites.

a normal character /stage only use 8 bit color sprites.




OpenGL will be slow under some type of stages

those stages are made for mugen 1.0 directx

since directx 5 only can show 256 color, how you can have a full color stage?

people used 2 types of tricks

1. separated RGB of the same picture stack them together. (less FPS drop)

2. chop the picture into 256x256 small blocks and align them together (1xxx 2xxx layers drop alot of FPS)


OpenGL will be faster if only use full color picture without tricks.


Most PC support openGL these days

but People forgot to install GPU drivers, so you can't run openGL because your GPU never install driver (not nVidia or AMD but the GPU inside your Intel CPU)

follow this video to install Intel GPU driver, so you can run openGL


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