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CF3 Zumbi 1.0 Release (Normal Version)


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As you see, if I release a higher evolve version of a character, I have to do the other xD

Well he is like Zumbi Azul, but he supposedly smaller, a bit faster (I don't know), and a little bit different in moves (Super wise).

Here are some screenshots:

Posted Image

Posted Image



Yea, finally I made this so I can continue on my Gator... ._."

If there is an error with the big portrait, please let me know.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

I was originally going to combine them both, but the workarounds for the custom states for throws kind of stopped me a bit. Though, I might update them both differently by adding modes to them (speed,strength, vitality, etc..)

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That was the problem, the main difference is the specials and super he has in the source game. There basically the same entity except one tend to have a more aggressive style. Since I had to make him because its part of my project =x, I was going to make him first then. After I did create Zumbi, now I have more time to decide what other moves to add to each of them to differentiate them by a lot (Deciding to add modes atm with ._.), and maybe add custom supers for each of them too. For now they're related in the story is how Zumbi "reincarnates" as a zombie and you have to fight him in the stronger form in game. Basically its like ryu-evil ryu but little less variety atm D=

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yeah , i dont have the money to get a new pc, or my desktop fixed , and i post on here usuing my wifes school laptop, and i cant DL anything on it, so no mugen for me, but i might be coming into some money soon and if so ima go buy me a somewhat cheap either laptop or desktop, just to run on the net and play mugen ......but thats why, wifey school laptop = no Downlody

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