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KOF Zillion MK4 (Update by sdsdsd; Fixes by Aiglat&Bleu and Me)


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A dude called sdsdsd provide in Baidu a custom update of KOF Zillion Mark 4, with new characters and the addition of Extra Strikers. But the game have a lot of problems.


So Aiglat&Bleu and me did some fixes. Not in all problems sadly, we did as much as we can.
- Resolution and screenpack aesthetics fixed because it was all over the place before
- Character select rearranged (not messy portraits and the secret characters appearing in the screen anymore)
- Added an extended version of the character select theme
- Some bugs on Jhun, Choi and May Lee fixed
- Sakura excluded (due to serious bugs on her)
- All small portraits fixed
- Added big portraits of Jazu and Silber
- Added the music for the stages (there was no music whatsoever in the game before)


- Sadly the new characters like Jhun, Choi, Chang and May Lee still with a messed up AI that doesn't do anything
- The new characters also doesn't have a Striker action. When you called them as Striker, they do nothing
- The game crashes sometimes (like what happend at the end of this video). You can solve this problem installing the 4gb patch. https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
- Kain and Hwa Jai doesn't have big portraits (you can see this in the video)
- Some palettes of Zero (Original) are messed up
- Some sprites of Athena and Lu Mei are missing

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NEW UPDATE by Rayzo & Shichibukai with minor fixes by me.


Download! http://www.mediafire.com/file/3r95h39p1ohx7mm/kofzmk4%28New_Update%29.rar/file


New update of The King of Fighters Zillion MK4, this time Rayzo and Shichibukai did some important updates and additions to the game and i did few tweaks aswell.
- Added Cao Long and Sakura re-added!
- More fixes and changes in the screenpack
- Added the missing portraits of Kain and Hwa Jai
- New portraits to Bison, Sagat, Guile and Dan
- Fixed some stages and sounds
- Minor tweaks on some characters AI

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