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Marvel vs Touhou Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL]


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following the release / update of my Marvel vs Touhou: RE:BOOT screenpack (get it while it's still hot :p), i thought to myself that the next logical step would be to build some lifebars to go with it, and so i went and did exactly that.


anyways, let's not waste our time talking and move on to the screenshots:


Normal Portraits Version




Custom Portraits Version




and finally, the download link (readme and portrait template included):




hope to have served you well  :hyo:



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Little update:

- fixed the issue with mid sprites not showing up (the red bar that briefly stays in place when you lose health)
- fixed the slight mispositioning  on the turns mode portraits for the normal portraits version
- adjusted the shine effects on the marvel and touhou logo so that they're a bit more prominent now.

go ahead and redownload.

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