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How can I choose the char that the CPU used in versus mode?

Jefferson Pierce


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To do single Player vs. CPU matches, go to watch mode and select the characters that you wish to use.

Then during the intro, press ctrl+1 (for player1) or ctrl+2 (for player 2). MAKE SURE THAT DEBUG KEYS ARE ENABLED OR ELSE THIS WON'T WORK.

In the cases of turns matches, the method is the same only you do this at the beginning of every round, giving characters a turns intro will give you more time to do this process.


If AllowDebugKeys is set to zero, either set to 1 or press ctrl+d during a match to enable debug mode.

AllowDebugMode must be set to 1 in order to even use debug mode.

You will find the debug settings in the mugen.cfg file(which can opened with notepad) located in the data folder of your mugen screenpack.


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