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Rance sprites and voice from alice senki

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way back when I tried my hand at ripping these and for one reason or the other I ended up not being able too however I was able to get a hack of the game to make the background entirely black and used a program called animget to record it frame by frame.

I do not see myself actually coding anything from scratch maybe an edit here or there but. I figured after all this time since this project isn't going anywhere on my end I would just release the resources needed to make Rance for mugen. I also have his voice ripped and named the files as they sounded to me at the time though they are probably wrong.

Maria and shizuka bits of sprites are ripped too to use for assists. its mostly organized by some stuff is likely not where it should be. Some of the sprites are cropped already but others are just screen shots with the hack of the game I mentioned.

PS if anyone uses these please let me know I Would love to have been part of rance for mugen in some way or another.

Download - http://www.mediafire.com/file/v9fj574v96nug5c/Rance_project_stuff.zip/file

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