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I.K.E.M.E.N ALL STAR IS A MUGEN/IKEMEN which consist of a large roster and a great soundtrack,different from other mugens as their is more to do! tame the nine tails and stop the great apes rampage, and if you like dance dance revolution you can do the catwalk to show of your moves with your favorite character! the game is not fully finish as i still need to add a better screen pack to the game then it will be completed and i am considering adding a story mode.


Featuring a roster with more than 60 Characters from different series such as:


Jojo Bizzare Adventures 



Yu Yu Hakusho

And More!


The game also features different Game Modes:

Arcade - Fight a Variety of CPU till you get to the Final Boss!

Versus - Face against your friends with local verus!

Online - Play Online with your friends! ( Needs VPN such as Hamachi, Tunngle, Evolve)

Bonus Games - Such as Catwalk, Duck Hunt and More!





Characters, Stages, Music and engine was not made by me and i wanna give credit to them message me if i used your character i will give you credit!

If you can make a good I.K.E.M.E.N Screenpack can you pm me please.

Also if you have Jump Ultimate Star Mugen Characters you will like to be added to the game PM Me i will add them within updates!



Email Me!

[email protected]


Discord Server!


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