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How to Charge power



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 Provided that the character actually has a power charge move, you go into the CMD and look for a changestate in statedef -1 that has a move with a name that matches or approximates to "Power Charge". If you know where to find the power charge state, you can look for the according stateno as well. An example of power charge would look like this (this is an example for demonstration, not all characters will have something identical to this)...




[State -1, Power Charge]

type = ChangeState

value = 730 <----------; the state where power charge occurs

trigger1 = command = "hold_b" && command = "hold_y" <--------; the command itself that dictates when the character goes into power charge

trigger1 = !AILevel&&RoundState = 2 && StateType != A

trigger1 = power < const(data.power) && power < PowerMax && !var(20)

trigger1 = ctrl || (StateNo = [100,101])



Replace whatever command  you find with command = "hold_start".


 After you do that, go to the "Commands" section of the CMD and add this line with the rest of the "Hold Button" category if it doesn't already exist.





name = "holdstart"

command = /s

time = 1



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