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[DS] Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


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Trailer and Gameplay.. both in japanese but the game is english. Again, a game I like. I love the Ivalice based stuff and this is a RTS of the like. So I do enjoy this, much like most games of the 'squad based strategy' gameplay. The game is a sequal to FFXII (PS2 to DS, yep) and follows what happens when Vann and co head into the sky above Ivalice... and find a whole new continent, floating in the air, actually waiting for them. The gameplays pretty cool, the music is good to listen to, though I'll bet in battle you'll start to grumble when the battle theme begins to keep playing. The game is intruiging, has a lot of extra stuff you can do and a lot of espers (monsters summoned by a plot d- um.. luracite, that's it) throughout the game to collect. Lots of non-recruitable generics do pop up (GRRR, LEMME RECRUIT THEM) and some cool customization stuff for your airship, shops, expanding crew and little things like that do pop up to give you stuff to do. A nice addition to Final Fantasy and one of the veiw I think I finished.
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Not really. He just tags along ( he said it himself along the way too). The story is half about Balthier and half about her royal pain in the rear, Arshe. The only thing Vaan does is to bring everybody together by being at the right place at the right time AND say something that stopped the princess from doing something really stupid that would have doomed all Ivalice http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//ohmy.png

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