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Flare's palette thread (NEW: Iori and Donkey Kong Palettes)


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A thread for palettes I have made. Simply click the links to download em.


Odie by Zobbes



Palettes: Iggy (JoJo, CPS3-esc) Wolf (Starfox, somehwat based off his Ultimate colours), Amaterasu, Duck Hunt Dog, 8-Bit and Gameboy colours



Suwako by Veanko 



Palettes: Lilith, Cammy (MvC2), Pipimi (Pop Team Epic) Blake (RWBY) Sayori (DDLC) and Pepe the frog



Iori (+Orochi Iori) by Hero


Palettes: Homer, Jotaro (Heritage for the future) Shadow DIO (Heritage for the future), Akuma and Trouble Man

REQUIRES: This version to be used



Smash Ultimate Donkey Kong palettes for DMSderProgrammer's MvC Donkey Kong





| "I HAVE NO IDEA" - The Medic (TF2)>


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"After 2 years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait" - GabeN, I think


The story here? I sat on those Iori palettes for a LONG long time and never released them. Just rotting away. Now that I got nothing to do, I cleaned some of them up and here we are. Maybe someday there will be a 6th palette for the set like I planned.


The DK Palettes you ask? I was going to remake False's now infamous DK clip in Mugen but I hated the red palette included with the DK by default so I modified it slightly. Then for some reason I made the other 7 Smash Ultimate colours too. And by the time I did that somebody else already redid the clip in Mugen. Well that's what I get for sitting on that too.


What's next you ask? Who knows...



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