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[ARC] Soul Edge


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Or Soul Blade, I just like the idea the evil sword started it off, then Soul Calibur turned up and booted the evil right back where it came from.

And DAT INTRO. It says Soul Blade, was for PSX too. But I wanted to put this here, because.. this is where the epic soul series began. I'll try and find an arcade video..
Arcade version rom, but lags a bit due to emulator and computer stuff.
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still got my copy of Soul Blade. i still wonder why they changed the name for the PSX version from Soul Edge, but meh. the Khan's Super Session soundtrack is just plain phukkin' epic.

I still have mine too, when SCV comes out I will try to make Li Long, Hwang, and Rock. My favorite song is probably the arranged ver of Rock's theme (Recollect Continent), and I absolutely love the Khan Super Session tunes (especially Hagakure - Mitsurugi's stage) http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//smile.png

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