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[ARC] Garou Mark Of The Wolves


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Garou was an interesting title that was plopped in between KOF games and other hits. The unique system, characters and music all help it stand out amongst the crowd. Not to mention, there's a girl who RAPES YOUR SOUL as a super, and that's always great.
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most folks don't use Rock properly. they play him like a damn'd Bogard, instead of playin' him like the Howard he is.

i luv usin' Marco. i wonder what assklown'd genius(es) decided on that stupid-ass'd American name of his, cuz i wanna slap the shit outta them.

Tizoc The Griffin has 1 of the best 360 supers i've ever seen, & i just luv the impactful voice for it [before both him & Garou Terry got vocally castrated in KoF '03 & beyond], it just makes me feel nigh-godly as i watch it unfold after i perform it:



ahhh. simply marvelous. :bath:

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You can play Rock in 3 different ways: Bogard way, Howard way or mixed. You can do most of Terry's and Geese's strategies without problems, and there are some very specific to the character and if you're good enough, you can corner the enemy in a way that if he/she even TRIES to counter-attack you can just lock and throw.

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