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Pakdam Pakdai Characters Join M.U.G.E.N.


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Introducing the Pakdam Pakdai Characters for Mugen. I only made the Icon and Portraits.

So I will need assistants that are excellent sprite makers. You'll need to copy every single

color of each character and make it the same so it can be applied as I use every sprite.

Watch the Pakdam Pakdai Intro Here.

I know the quality is bad, but chill out if you get irritated.

Anyways,  Click here to assist to make sprites.

Remember that the sprites must include:

Standing, Crouching, and Air.
Light Punch
Medium Punch
Strong Punch
Light Kick
Medium Kick
Strong Kick
Walking Foward and Backward
Running Foward and Backward
Being Hit.

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10 hours ago, Ryou said:

this fits more into the ideas and resources section if anything



Thanks for moving it into the Ideas thing, I did not know where the Ideas were, BTW did you see Pakdam Pakdai Before?

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Just a Reminder:

If you finished the sprite sheet, or if you want to post a GIF Image on here,

You can post the Full Sprite Sheet, so I can use it, and you're allowed

to post the Anim GIF here.

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