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Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter (VERSION 3)


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This is the third version of the official DSvSF Project, with huge new additions

Update Log
- Now the game have the Uno Tag System! Select "MugenAI.exe" them Play.
* Sadly for some reason, it doesn't work with Felicia and R. Mika
- New Screenpack > Major Edit of the previous Screenpack (thanks to the hard work of my fella AVPBoy6754)
* I made some fixes around. ;)
- New Characters > Vega II, Anita, Bulleta (varo_hades version), Oboro Bishamon and Cyborg
- Added my edits of Morrigan, R. Mika, Karin and Lilith
- Added some new Stages. Now the game have 105 Stages!
- Some issues on Aulbath fixed
- AI of many characters fixed
- Order of Arcade Mode/Team Arcade Mode rearranged

Hope you all enjoy the game. ;)

Special Thanks!
- AVPBoy6754, for being the head of the project and for his awesome MUGEN stuff!
- Ako si Uno/UnoShe, for his awesome Uno Tag Patcher!
- varo_hades, for bring some of the Darkstalkers chars in POTS Style!
- SwaggaKings, for always being a great fella and a supporter of the project
* I recommend you guys check SwaggaKings channel cause he's working on another DSvSF Project. :)
- Taybear, for helping me a lot with Morrigan and Lilith!
- All the fellas and supporters around the MUGEN forums and communities!
- My beloved subscribers on YouTube!
- Capcom, for bring to us these two memorable franchises!
- and YOU, for downloading and enjoying Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter! ;)

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