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[GEAR] Tails Adventure


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Info about the game:

Tails Adventure is an Action-Adventure RPG game that was developed by Aspect and distributed by Sega in 1995.

Gameplay features:

Contrary to the classic speedy gameplay in the Sonic series, Tails Adventures is a puzzle-based platformer with a strong emphasis on item collecting and backtracking, like a side-scrolling action RPG.

Tails can walk, jump, duck, look up, fly, hang on ledges, and can solve puzzles and defend himself with a range of different items, such as Hammers, various types of Bombs, and medallions bearing other characters, which allow him to perform additional actions, such as Spin-Dashing or punching enemies.


Plot (Prologue stuff which differs depending on region)

Jp prologue

In the southern seas, there exists a tiny island that cannot be found on any map: Cocoa Island, a beautiful little paradise that rests atop a coral reef. It is said that the legendary Chaos Emeralds rest here, and so did the hero of our story, once upon a time before he met his speedy blue idol. The following events take place prior to Tails' first encounter with Sonic:

During a sunny afternoon on Cocoa Island, Tails the Fox is taking a nap just outside his research lab, Tails House. His slumber is interrupted by a huge explosion, and before Tails can say "stop, drop, and roll" the whole place is ablaze. A frantic Flicky reports the bad news to a confused Tails: the imperial Battle Kukku Army has invaded Cocoa Island. The dictator Great Battle Kukku 15th has discovered the Chaos Emeralds on the island, and intends to use them to conquer the entire world. Tails is the only one who can put a stop to the imperial army.

Us/Eu prologue

Sonic and Tails are the best of friends, but after their previous adventure the two decide to go separate ways for a while. Tails comes across an island while going solo and decides to spend a holiday there for a while, dubbing the island "Tails Island".

He is resting peacefully when he is awoken by a large explosion. A Flicky reports to Tails that an army of birds has invaded the island.

My verdict

This game is quite extraordinary really and has reached far beyond my expectations. That's really all I can say really, I give this game an 8/10 (10/10 if I was doing a biased Tails-fan review though, but I didn't Posted Image ).

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