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MrGSTAR321(Ryu Hayabusa Edit) is released!

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MrGSTAR321(Ryu Hayabusa Edit) is released!


Changes from the original.

- All voiceclips(to my knowledge) said in game are replaced with sound clips from MrGSTAR321

- A new super

- Tag removed

Pretty much about it.


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v361ytc57y8qsq8/MRGSTAR321 V1.rar


Plans for future edits to this edit.

- More supers and specials.

- Sound clip played at 10% or less health(and only once per round).

- Special intros to MK characters


Shoutouts(also in README).

G.M.Spectre: For making the sprites
Chuchoryu: For making the original version of Ryu Hayabusa
MrGSTAR321: For giving me the inspiration to make this edit.



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