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AI Patch for DivineWolf's Strider Hiryu by Jadeeye


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Hi guys,


I have made AI patch for Strider Hiryu, the high-tech ninja. I also have some minor edit for him.





Download link:

- Edited version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0yuq4df343q2vyf/Edited_DivineWolf_Hiryu.rar
- A.I only version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bip06obupl5b365/AI_Patch_DivineWolf_Hiryu.rar


------------- EDITING --------------
- Vajra's distance now depends on what strength punch used to perform it
- Increased Super pause time for Warp Legion


--------------- A.I ---------------
- Added AI Walking/Running
- Added AI Jumping
- Added AI Guarding
- Added AI Parrying
- Added AI Dodging/Rolling
- Added AI Power Charge
- Added AI Max Mode
- Added AI Zero Counter
- Using Rainbow Drop for anti-air
- Using (Low) Gram, Boost Slash and calling Formation for attacking at long distance
- Using (Ex) Ame No Murakumo, (Ex) Vajra and Warp for attacking and anti-projectile
- Using Nagrarok and Ouroboros for punishing
- Hiryu can combo with Normal move
- Hiryu will only use Legion in Simul mode


A.I Difficulty Option:
Level 1-4: Easy A.I
Level 5-8: Hard A.I


Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!

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