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Dragon Ball Fighterz Style Krillin


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Krillin is a 3 button character, inspired by gameplay from the latest Dragon Ball fighting game; Dragon Ball FighterZ.

A - Ki Blasts
X - Light
Y - Medium
Z - Heavy

A+X - Power Charge
Y+Z - Vanish
A+Z - Super Dash

Combos can be done by pressing the X Y or Z buttons multiple times. This will trigger Auto Combos.
Mix and match for best preformance!

Supers are preformed by

Down, Foward, Ki button
Down, Back, Kit Button

Using the Uno Type K tag version of Krillin

Press Start for Assist
Z + C for tagging in and out when standing near each other.
Down, Foward, Z + C for tag super.

If you enjoyed this Krillin then I have good news for you!
Tien will be joining him soon!


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