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What Characters Outside the Fighting Game Circuit do you Not Want Converted into Mugen?

Redhair Ryu Lover

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2 hours ago, The Auditor said:

Do PSAs count as part of TV? I just want to say that Smokey the Bear is unfit for MUGEN....I mean come on....it's a PSA character, he doesn't fight much...in fact, NONE of the PSA characters fight either...just saying

I guess PSAs might count, what with so many advertising icons already converted (like Ronald McDonald in all).


Frankly, my choices would be the so-called Voltron, Mr. X from “The X’s”, Frankie from “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Tom Slick from “George of the Jungle” (maybe if we had a game engine that simulates Super Mario Kart, he would fit :-)), Draculaura from Monster High, and Bianca DuPree from Beverly Hills Teens (unless of course she was operating a Power Loader X-D)

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1 hour ago, TMC55 said:

Johnny Test, their is so much potential for him to be a well made character and especially with all of the powers he has obtained. If there was a good spriters such as Jarquin or maybe even @thebestmlTBM that would be cool.



Sorry for the tag TBM


I think this thread is for characters not suitable for Mugen.

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