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Your Favorite YTPMV/MADs?

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Your Favorite YTPMV/MADs?

You guys got any favorite YTPMV/MADs? I'll gladly share mine.


1. COOKIE HILL ZONE (Sonic 1 x Alice and Marisa's Cookie Kiss)


2. Jontron's Trip to the Moon (Ducktales Remastered x JonTron)


3. Krustylovania Pizza (SpongeBob SquarePants x UNDERTALE)



4. The Cat Who Had Lasagna (I'm not sure what game the BGM's from but it's a damn good Garfield YTPMV)


5. Big Beat Mario (Original song created from Hotel Mario)



If you guys got any favorites, please link them below. Be sure to include the title before linking them, like I did. You don't have to include the sources that are in the YTPMV, just the title.

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