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[PS1] Einhander


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Einhander is a 2.5d side scrolling shooter. with many different weapon variations, and excellent AI. this is one of the best shooter games EVER made. It has a insanely wicked soundtrack that gets you pumped. its got great gameplay. You dont feel like you were robbed your death. its just that intense.
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Had this game since it came out ( 1997 ) and to this day I still learn things about it ( Enemy names and what they mean / The ACTUAL name of the ""Strategem SpaceCraft"" / Boss Attack names / Boss Attacks themselves that you don't encounter by normal means / What the bosses are actually saying / The source of the Shudder Rap ). Inazumachi was primarily a fan art of this game, which is pretty much exactly why I AKA'd him Hyperion.

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