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[PSP] Megaman: Powered-Up


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A remake of the first megaman game now on the psp with better graphics, still holds the same difficulty as the classic megaman game. but now you can use the robot masters as playable characters and each robot master has different abilities some can slide others can wall jump and much more. you can also create your own levels with the level creator so you can have fun trying to torture your friends with your impossible levels, the game also includes the classic version of megaman 1. so if you own a psp and like classic gaming then pick this one up
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To unlock each robot master you got to beat it using only the Mega Buster (not any weapon from the bosses) There are two modes: Classic, the way it was back in the NES days; and the arraged, which got new lines and being able to play as any robots, Roll or Protoman. The arranged also got two extra stages : Time man and Oil man

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