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Pitfall Harry Jr.


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Yeah, Pitfall Harry's son from that SNES spinoff. Here, he's unfortunately an unfinished, but somewhat decent KFM edit. However, the Pitfall Harry (Jr.) is greater than the amount of KFM leftover, a crouching attack, taunt, a few hurt states and his winpose. Aside from those Pitfall Harry Jr. has 6 buttons of standing attacks, 4 aerial attacks, and 4 crouching ones. 2, like his standing weak and strong kicks have secondary attacks that can be used by pressing the button twice, but they unfortunately don't exactly combo into each other properly. He has specials and hypers, but instead of traditional attacks, P..H. Jr. can spawn  a couple powerups, like a (actual!!!) heart to gain health back, or a hourglass to freeze time. He has a couple down to earth attacks, like throwing bombs and a boomerang, which must be picked up to be thrown again. Also he can summon a mine cart to run over the enemy. Not much else to say, he functions. Made by RomeDogg.

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