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Crusher Guile


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Another edit of Guile, most likely by the same creator of Mash De Guile. Compared to him, Crusher is far different and much newer. He still carries typical Guile attacks, his Flash Kick, hyper variant, rush combo hyper and Sonic Hurricane are as they should be, complete with versions with multiple levels Alpha style. His classic Sonic Boom returns, but only in the air. However, he's also able to perform his Flash Kick which acts as a projectile, punch a small burst of fire which locks foes in place, kick two bursts of energy, fire controllable Sonic Booms, spam a long combo of low kicks, and catch the foe with 3 different command grabs, one shown above. Doesn't seem to play in any particular style either. Made by MarshallArts and Muetai, and updated by LEO.

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