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AI Patch for Falcon Rapper's Chin Gentsai by Jadeeye


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Chin Gentsai, the Drunken Fist Master now has his AI patch. He will move and attack slowly with his Sake bottle, he also make some combos with his fire breath.




Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ziz25w8jwiezu1w/AI_Patch_Falcon_Rapper_Chin.rar


- Add AI Walking
- Add AI Jumping
- Add AI Custom Combo
- Add A.I Rolling, Dodging and Zero Counter
- Add more A.I Normal, Special and Super move
- Chin will combine his Super with Hyotan Geki, Ryuu Rin Hou Ra
- Chin will perform Chou Shuu Riku Gyo when an opponent lie down.
- Using Hyotan Geki for long range attack.
- Using Fun'en Kou for anti-air


A.I Difficulty Option:
Level 1-4: Original A.I
Level 5-8: New A.I


Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!

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