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Chotto-Ko Ryu


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Another MvC Ryu, a decently old one too. Possibly one of Chotto's first characters. However, this Ryu changes things up from the norm by his spin on EX Moves of sorts. His strongest kick and punch buttons, combined with his traditional special commands let him perform EX version of them, EX Tatsu being similar to it's SF3 counterpart, EX Hadouken becoming a Dejin Hadouken that shocks foes in place instead of stunning them, and it can be charged, and EX Shoryuken being Ken's Shoryuken. He also possess a Shoryureppa and whatever Ken's rapid kick hyper is called, as well as a fireball form and beam Shinkuu Hadouken. Akuma's upwards Tatsumaki is even in. This Ryu also carries a very good combo game, but somewhat flawed, possibly cheap A.I., it tends to jump up and shoot downards SF2 Hadoukens to stall in midair, combined with an extremely high number of midair jumps for some reason, and Ryu really can fly. At least he has his SFA2 ending in there, albeit in poor quality and lacking any music. Obviously made by Chotto-Komaru, it's in the Ryu's name.

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