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CF3 Bulldog Release [Aleron and Panda Included] and Updated!


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Here is the release of Bulldog!!

Well.. it seems she was fun to code lol!

Even though she looks big for her size, her AI IS HARD (Well someone told me) and she's a combo freak =P (If you know how to find her combos).

Well enjoy her and I have updated Aleron and Panda with graphical updates, some fixes, and some AI.

Full Video:

Full Video of her will be posted soon.

Since I'm lazy to do a commands file (Was in rush lol)

Make a readme, copy past into this.


Created by SXVector

Sprites by MADKAT (Credit)

Hit FX (No idea)


Normals: a,b,x,y

Alternatives Normals: -> or <- a,b,x,y

Grabs: -> x+y or -> a+b

Taunt: Start

Evade: <- ,->, y - Either way

Special 1: Spam x 3 times

Special 2: Spam b 3 times

Special 3: <-, ->, a

Super 1: QcF x 2, x

Super 2: QcF x 2, b

Super 3, <- , -> , <- , -> , a








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