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Ky's Release Haul Of June


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Instead of making multiple topics/post, I'll just make one big one for when ever I get the nerve to make things. Hope that's ok with the mods and admins.




Captain Fortune "League Of Legends" styled palette for Ruby Heart by Dick Buckus

"Killer Instinct Xbox One" styled palette for Fulgore by Nexus Games

Classic/Modern "Sonic Forces" styled palettes for Sonic The Hedgehog by Sean Altly (Classic pal was based off of in game footage and Modern pal was based off of the trailer)


Get 'em here!: http://kymugenplace.weebly.com/


Small Ports:


- Batman by KameKaze

- Fulgore by Nexus Games

- Sonic The Hedgehog by Sean Altly

- The Flash by KameKaze



Big Ports:


- Batman by KameKaze

- Sonic The Hedgehog by Sean Altly

- The Flash by KameKaze

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