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Tekken Character Pack - 106 Characters!

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Download Link 598 MB -
https://mega.nz/#!wKBkTSKK!RO_Fx4j-wnBRc4nnh8QDKgJ1Qqwso91Pm6BYTUfW_AY - 106 Character Roster (Every known Tekken character available in Mugen)! Version 1.0 - These characters were NOT created by me, I've collected them over the last few years and edited some of them (re-named, fixed palletes/sprites, cleaned up file names etc.). I'm aware that some of these characters are pretty average, I've just included all of them to preserve all Tekken Mugen characters. In saying that; there are a LOT/majority of good ones in here, all characters preview images are in "prvw_tkn_base_chars" and "prvw_tkn_guest_chars" to help you choose which ones will work in your current Mugen rosters.



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