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Is it possible to create an infinite stage?



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Good Question. Now that you mention it, I do sense a significant lack of infinite stages, and I don't think it's blatantly impossible since MUGEN creators always have this penchant for overdoing themselves... In any way I am confident to say that such a thing is likely possible, because one stage creator by the name of MabsKMK has one stage where I have the feeling that this thing may have been achieved.


It's his Dark Forest stage, in the "2014" section of his stages in his website. Indeed it feels like the stage is never ending because no matter how long I walked to the side to try it out, it never stopped and never touched a wall... so I guess that does give me reason to say that yes, making an infinite stage might just be possible...


But I'm still keeping an open eye because this is basically the ONLY stage that I was able to walk endlessly on... which is strangely suspicious. I mean like I said, there are a buttload of stages to download, and for there to be only ONE potentially infinite one I found is pretty strange...

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7 hours ago, Pluscross said:

I have an infinite stage. They do exist, then. Many a hilarious moment came out of having a wall reliant attack be used on that stage and soft lock the match... I don't remember the name of it though.

Hey man can you uploaded here..? 

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