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Asagi Asagiri English Soundpack Beta


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Ok so this took forever as she has 3 modes took awhile to find what played where and whatnot anyway

this soundpack will only work correctly with this asagi on the left not the old one.

Posted Image




now then about this soundpack THERE IS STILL JAPANESE in her file because I cannot for the life of me find where it plays in the character itself ive looked through cns i just can't find it therefore I am requesting anyone who downloads this and uses to plz tell me if they hear any japanese anywhere during her fighting then explain what happens and what sound number it is and I Will fix it with english. thank you guys this is only being beta released here before a full one so plz do check this for me.

she can be found in our nippon ichi section in collections. to use this just replace the old soundpack with this one it is a BIG size because of the quality of rips http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png sorry about that it doesnt lag your mugen or anything HOWEVER THIS MAY CRASH Winmugen Ive been told my soundpacks don't work on winmugen so Idk I only use 1.0 you tell me, if it crashes sorry can't help you. I am going to start on prinny and etna next redoing them with more variety than before, plz do give me feedback on how I did for asagi here.

I took sounds from ALOT of games for this soundpack she has voices from disgaea 2, prinny can i be the hero, disgaea 4, Soul nomad, and got zetta voice from makai kingdom and prinny from different things, If you like dubs I really do hope you like my soundpack cause it was ALOT of work and im not sure its even done yet

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