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I hope Juano16 doesn't see this.



Hey guys. Right now I'm trying to make Khameleon a separate character from the UMK3 female ninjas, and as far as I know, there is no tutorial thing to do just that.


I have seen videos of Khameleon being a separate character in a battle, so surely you guys know what to do.


How do I separate Khameleon?

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Juano16 himself did not remember, I asked him and he didn't. But follow the steps of the description of this video, the method was made by DoomGuy2nd, I just tried and it works. Last time I tried and it didn't work, so I forgot about it, and I want to kill myself for never playing Khammy all these years...


EDIT: Her combo varies depending on the palette you chose, but she will have access to all specials.

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