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Zen Kasen Ibaraki by Deoxgigas released!

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Zen Kasen Ibaraki by Deoxgigas released!

Bringing my Touhou character count up to 7, it's my newest work: Zen Kasen Ibaraki.



Based on Kasen Ibaraki from Touhou 14.5 ULiL, she has all the moves from her source game, all the spell cards and also an OHKO based on her Last Word spell.

Anyone familiar with my other works, especially Flash Byakuren, will know what to expect, as Kasen is made in the same style.


In addition, she has the usual Bomb super and an improvised 1-bar super to complete the usual standard line-up of three 1-bar supers, two 2-bars and one 3-bar my other characters have.

She also learned to quickly dash across the stage and slide around, much like another work of mine.

Finally, her Occult move is indicated by the Occult ball in the corner, and, like the Bomb super, goes into a simple cooldown whenever used, and her Last Word spell can only be used once, period, per match, just like my Stardust Utsuho's Supernova.


Find her on my OneDrive here.


The one in the prime folder is for Mugen 1.1. If you want a version for 1.0, she's in the Alternate Versions folder.

I highly recommend the 1.1 version for anyone who can get it, as some Touhou ULiL sprites have a tendency of becoming quite messed up when you convert from Mugen 1.1 to 1.0.


For more specific information, go to my site. http://vaultofdeoxgigas.webs.com/


So whether you're here for collection purposes, for a very fast playable character or for something with my usual hard-mode AI style, you've found it.





1-4: Normal
5: The AI is unable to slide around on a successful guard. (Somewhat Easier Mode)

6-10: No Damage Scaling.
11: Clone Mode. (Summons 4 clones to fight at the start of the battle.)
12: Rainbow Mode. (Adds metergain, immunity to throws and basic attacks, triple attack power and allows Kasen to slide around regardless of what she's doing, whenever she's hit, even in the air.)


Now have some examples of Kasen fighting.




The AI at work.




Super Move interaction!






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She is, but if people want me to make a 1.0 version, I can do so later. I usually do that if I have a good enough reason.


Only issue is that some of her effect sprites will get messed up beyond repair and I have to look into replacements, so it's kinda tedious.

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Scratch that, turns out the only real issue was with a certain sprite I already had a replacement for when I made Kasen's Super for Resonance, and a move causing frame drops where I just nixed some of its effects. Rest was just a few quick buttons in Gimp and simple code modifications.


As such, the Mugen 1.0 version of Zen Kasen Ibaraki can now be found in the Alternate Versions folder on my OneDrive.


Nonetheless, I'll mention again that some sprites get really messed up with this conversion. I highly recommend the 1.1 version above 1.0 for anyone who can get it.



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