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Summing-up, GLB wants to bring newage mugen back to life again, but his staff is practically dead, told him I'd post this here for who may be interested.


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Hello, everyone. I'm sure not a lot of you are reading this because most of you have given up on this place (understandably so.) I check back from time to time and with pretty much 0 promotion or activity there's still registering members daily/weekly and guest visits plus some older users that still stick around. 

Basically what i'm trying to find out (publicly now, there's been a brief staff discussion already) is if there's anyone that's interested in trying to help rebuild the place. I've got some ideas, I just don't have the time or patience to start this from the ground up by myself. Most of the other staff is busy or net-less, but some of them are willing to help as long as I (and others) are willing to help and continue to put in the effort. 

My ideas really only entail:
- a theme redo, a new banner (all that simple fun stuff.) 
- re-promotion start spreading the word again via youtube/other forums/sigs/etc.
- appointing someone to take over the Facebook. I haven't looked at it in months but I can verify that it did help out with new views. So anyone really that's willing to try running that how MP and I used too is totally able too, just let me know in this thread. 

-New chat room? I'm usually on Discord, i really like that app. A lot of the Newage staff and a few other old heads gather together in a discord room but they're rarely on. So if we could get together in a place that's preferably not XAT or Skype, that'd be cool. Maybe we could set up a discord room and see how other users like the app. 

-This is always on the idea least but at this point in time (At least to me) it's the smallest priority. A release pack, while it's a really good/fun way to get members/views it's tedious and time consuming for the quality of stuff we like to put out. So if anyone's interested in that or has any ideas regarding that post here. 

- Perhaps some new staff? I'd love to keep who's on the staff on, but if they're too busy or whatever the case may be there may be some people that have stuck around that'd be willing to help out more. 
- Anyone that's experienced in forumotion/css/html i'd love help in any rebuilding ideas you may have. Forumotion itself is incredibly easy, HTML isn't too hard either it's CSS that i fail at, lol. That's more Zeroz' specialty (forum adjustments) but he's pretty busy. He's willing to help here and there but he can't do it all alone because I imagine after months of inactivity here there's some panel issues that need to be fixed. 

- Could also use a new News person now that JayJay isn't around anymore. Anyone that's interested lemme know. 

I'm open to ideas and suggestions. I'm just trying to brainstorm a few options here because I truly do love this place, it's been a part of my life for nearly 8 years, and I don't want to just keep giving up on it, but it's hard to stay invested when real life is so demanding and there's not many around to help or they're in the same situation as you. 


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