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Welcome to Marvelous Mugen


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Welcome to Marvelous Mugen

We like for you to enjoy are New Home of Mugen and marvel creation. If your a fan of mugen and your fan of marvel this is for you and we like to welcome you to  Marvelous Mugen

Marvelous Mugen is a dedicated website and forum for Mugen and Marvel Super Heores Comic Books.
Marvelous Mugen also cover all kind of Comic book Creation for mugen
Marvelous Mugen also cover video games, manga, movies and cartoons for the mugen community
Marvelous Mugen is not a ware house site.
Marvelous Mugen is made for creation mugen characters,stages and full games and theme for the Marvel Comic Book Universe

Marvelous Mugen have rules you may need to follow

please click on the Forum rules


Marvelous Mugen have many category you can choose from take the time post your topic.
Marvelous Mugen also have a introduction section that located here


Welcome to Marvelous Mugen and hope you enjoy your stay with us  :)



About Marvelous Mugen and who the creator ?

This forum is run by BDC(bdcirck) and is a forum dedicated to marvel mugen creations.

BDC(bdcirck) is a Formal Admin of Crusader Cast. He been a Independent creator for many years. His latest work that he created are as follows

Super Skrull, Medusa, Kain edit spiderman and many sprite work created by him

He also worked his project Shiar Invasion for 8 years, he made a total of 13 characters from capcom and snk

and created one screen pack named spider verse. and other sprite work that he created in the past.



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12 hours ago, RobotMonkeyHæd said:

Added to the departure gates :)
Nice lookin site, I hope this gets some more traffic.

Bdc like it simple and easy to navigate his site and forum for fan of marvel. we don't need that mush traffic to draw attention :Ohmy:


and please keep in mind we not a warehouse site. they are only to create to fun stuff for the mugen software and creating original marvel creation. :goodmood:

here some of his sprite work :)


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